• At the heart of our success is our flourishing network of 5 Distribution Centres/Processing Centers in Stoke, Wakefield and Walsall in the UK; Bergheim in Germany; and Wroclaw in Poland. We're growing at a fantastic pace globally and TJX Europe is one of our key channels for growth. This makes TJX Europe Distribution the perfect place to further your career.
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  • Imagine developing your career in a store where each delivery brings new products, you can reinvent your displays every day and your customers can be sure of finding amazing labels at up to 60% less. It's retail at its most exciting.
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  • How do we keep our shelves brimming with products our customers just can’t resist? Behind the products we sell are our Merchandising and Buying teams – working together to deliver our product strategy. Merchandising create plans to select and sell our products, while Buying find and buy great products out in the market. Creative thinking and commercial focus make this an exciting career at TJX Europe.
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  • How do we keep our business moving? Behind the scenes, our Head Office supports our Merchandising, Buying and store teams to deliver great products and amazing service to our customers. From our Finance and IT teams, to Marketing and Human Resources (naming just a few), we have a ridiculous number of career opportunities for you!
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