Keeping our global business moving forward is exciting. Behind the scenes, our Head Offices support the delivery of our business strategy. Our Property team ensures that our stores are on point. Our Store Operations team create a great experience in our stores for our customers. Our HR team supports and develops our associates. Our Brand and Marketing team delivers amazing brand campaigns. Our Finance team crunches the numbers to support every function of the business.

For Jessica, the most thrilling part of her career is influencing senior leadership in day-to-day operations and long-term planning regarding what customers might find exciting in our stores. If you join us, you too could have the chance to drive change.

Careers in HR let Amanda and Michael connect with people every day—cultivating partnerships is one of the things that makes our culture so special. When we work together, we are so much stronger.


Moving to Boston to work for TJX helped Joy find fulfillment at work and at the same time, better balance her commitments to family. Even if your name isn’t Joy, there’s plenty to be found in your career here.