Our IT Security team is responsible for tackling the cyber security challenges of a Fortune 100 company: protecting TJX and maintaining our strong reputation for safeguarding customer, Associate, and supplier data. The team responds to and evolves with a rapidly changing cyber landscape, while supporting our business needs.   

Working in a dynamic, fast paced, and collaborative environment, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your own technical skills and enhance valuable leadership competencies. As part of the IT Security team, you can be involved in various aspects of IT Security delivery, from technology selection and engineering to deployment and adoption. You will be part of a team responsible for delivering end to end security solutions and processes to continuously enhance our security capabilities. As a strategic partner, you can gain exposure to our many business areas and bring together people, processes, and technology. 

When you join the TJX IT Security team, you join a global and cross-departmental team that believes in innovation and collaboration within IT Security and across the organization. We provide learning opportunities that help you be your best self and build your career path.



Matthew’s first job out of college was here at TJX. His manager helped him grow his self-awareness and develop his leadership skills by putting him in charge of a project team. When you’re just starting out, we can provide valuable growth opportunities in an environment where you’re free to take intelligent risks and learn from your mistakes.


In Kim’s words, “Associates pride themselves on the relationships, friendships, and bonds they have formed. The Company fosters an environment of openness, inclusion, socialization, and caring for its Associates.”


Jiten started his IT Security career at TJX in 2019 and is already making a difference across multiple functions, helping to ensure the integrity of TJX’s systems are maintained globally. Feeling valued and empowered by the Company’s leadership, he works with teams across the globe on new projects and challenges.

When asked to describe his career at TJX in three words, Steve says, “transparent, diverse, and opportunistic. I’ve witnessed the migration of legacy technologies to more modern technologies and couldn’t be prouder of how these are handled at TJX. While it’s always a challenge to convert the old to the new, it creates more opportunities, and positively impacts the business every day.”