Unlock your leadership potential

Our MIT program is designed to enhance your abilities and propel you towards
success as a retail Manager. The program emcompasses: 
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The 22-week program integrates training from our Global Leadership Curriculum and Management Training Program (MTP). Participants will dedicate 10 weeks to  training store(s) and 12 weeks to  transition store(s). 
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Develop your leadership skills and gain invaluable experience in all aspects of store operations, from customer service to merchandising, and everything in between. 
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 personal development & Career Advancement

Trainees will have access to growth and development opportunities and will transition into Assistant Store Manager positions upon successfully completing the program.

is the MIT program a good match for you?

Here are some qualities that would contribute to a candidate's success in the role:
  • Self-awareness and empathy for others
  • Curiosity and a keen appetite for learning
  • Capability to nurture genuine relationships
  • Proactive approach to seeking feedback
  • Personal brand reflecting passion, enthusiasm, and curiosity
  • Dedication to personal and collective accountability
  • Demonstration of values and cultural awareness

key highlights

We strive to foster career growth across the organization, and we are pleased to
share that in Fiscal 20231:
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58% of managerial positions in stores and field offices were filled by internal promotions2
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80% of promotions globally were earned by women.
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40% of people in managerial positions around the world have been at the Company for 10 or more years.
33,000+ attendance in Global Leadership Cirriculum courses since 2017.
1Please note that references to items accomplished or completed in this section denote TJX’s Fiscal Year 2023, which ended January 28, 2023.
2Managerial is defined as Assistant Store Manager (or equivalent level) and above across the Company.


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