Who keeps our global, Fortune 100 business moving? Our Associates—in marketing, finance, store operations, logistics, HR, and other areas—do. We support our merchandising, buying, store, and distribution teams.
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  • Our accounting teams participate in pre-audit surveys, assemble and analyse operational and financial data, identify areas for subsequent audit, and prepare audit programmes for use by the audit team.
  • Our finance Associates partner with IT management and finance teams to identify budgetary risks and opportunities, build financial models to support the budgeting process, find areas for operational improvement, recommend solutions for efficiency gains, and contribute the long-range strategic plan.​​​​​​​
  • Positions include accountants, auditors, tax accountants and analysts, financial analysts and managers, and purchasing managers.
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  • As the point of contact for our logistics providers, we foster relationships and meet regularly with them to discuss forecasts and capacity information to improve planning.
  • We are responsible for intermodal contractual agreements and negotiate contract amendments to support new ventures and adjustments to existing services.
  • ​​​​​​​Career areas on our team include carrier management, analytics, modeling and project engineering.
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  • Our HR teams are culture ambassadors and champions—making the most of our talents to support and develop our Associates.
  • We apply business acumen to such areas as change management, workforce planning and talent acquisition/recruitment, Associate and labour relations, learning and development, HR metrics, and performance management.
  • Positions include HR business partners, managers, generalists and analysts.
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  • We work together to achieve profitable sales, expand our customer base, build strong teams, champion our culture, and execute operational efficiencies.
  • Our store operations teams create a great experience in our stores for our customers, while our property teams ensure that our stores are on point.
  • Position areas include store systems, store engineering, planning and analysis, technical training, field operations, AARC operations, and customer experience.
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  • TJX Digital is a newer division of The TJX Companies, Inc.
  • Our digital teams are responsible for bringing transformative digital innovation to all of TJX and our U.S. ecommerce businesses.
  • Marketing crafts communications to achieve brand goals and drive traffic online and in store.
  • Join the marketing team and leverage the opportunity to work across seven global brands.

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  • As business partners, we provide global support to all aspects of our business—working closely with several departments in our home offices, stores, distribution centres, and buying offices.
  • Role responsibilities include protecting company assets (merchandise, money, and the welfare of our customers, Associates, and vendors) and achieving mutual goals by fostering partnerships through open lines of communication.
  • We are dedicated to maintaining confidentiality, conducting ourselves in a professional and respectful manner, and providing prompt, knowledgeable and courteous service when interacting with our internal and external customers.

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We are dedicated, positive professionals who collaborate across a variety of roles. We come from a broad range of backgrounds and thrive on working together as a team.
  • Genuine interest in our areas of expertise
  • Highly developed, relevant skillsets
  • Curiosity and enthusiasm
  • ​​​​​​​Organised and detail-oriented
  • Excellent communicators
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The most thrilling part of Jessica’s career is influencing senior leadership in day-to-day operations and long-term planning regarding what customers might find exciting in our stores. If you join us, you too could have the chance to drive change.
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Careers in HR let Amanda and Michael connect with people every day—cultivating partnerships is one of the things that makes our culture so special. When we work together, we are so much stronger.
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Moving to Boston to work for TJX helped Joy find fulfillment at work and at the same time, better balance her commitments to family. Even if your name isn’t Joy, there’s plenty to be found in your career here.


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