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Our global IT organisation collaborates across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia—offering IT talent the unique opportunity to understand different markets and cultural dynamics, as well as the potential to work locally and remotely on IT challenges. As such, you have occasion to use your voice and make your mark, from anywhere across the world.
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Explore Who is TJX and Why TJX.
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As a strategic partner at TJX, we deliver innovative solutions that help transform the way we work and take our IT operations to the next level.


  • Our agility and engineering mindset are key to our success in a rapidly evolving technology landscape. As part of our team, you’ll help devise and implement IT solutions that could be used across the globe.
  • You'll have several options to keep your technical and business skills sharp and relevant—from self-study to instructor-led development programs—and enhance valuable leadership competencies.
  • ​​​​​​​With access to cutting-edge courses on platforms like Pluralsight, you can continue to grow while developing your skills with the tools you need to learn.


  • Opportunities and problem solving are not limited to where you sit. We value what you bring to the table and welcome different feedback.
  • Relationships matter here. We encourage partnerships among leaders, managers, and Associates to foster engagement.
  • ​​​​​​​We engage in participatory decision-making and the sharing of ideas—always with a mindset of doing what's best for TJX—as well as workplace flexibility and work-life balance.



We are enthusiastic, committed IT professionals from a broad range of backgrounds and experience. If you’re a motivated, action-oriented yet flexible self-starter with these qualities, IT at TJX might be the place for you.
  • Genuine interest in corporate IT
  • Technical skillsets
  • Creative thinkers and problem solvers
  • Proven critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Adaptable to change and willing to learn
  • Excellent communicators
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Your opportunities here are wide and varied, whether they be in data analytics, cloud solutions, security, intelligent automation, or application solution delivery, leveraging DevOps and Agile.
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We tackle the cyber security challenges of a Fortune 100 company. Protecting TJX and the data of our customers, Associates, and suppliers is a top priority.
  • You can be involved in various aspects of IT security delivery, from technology selection and engineering to deployment and adoption.
  • You will be part of a global and cross-departmental team responsible for delivering end-to-end security solutions and processes to continuously enhance our security capabilities.
  • ​​​​​​​As a strategic partner, you can gain exposure to our many business areas and bring together people, processes, and technology.
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We play a multi-faceted role—working closely with key business stakeholders to define their needs and roadmaps, and then providing technical leadership, analysis, design, and development for new and existing systems.
  • You’ll be part of the journey in adopting our Agile and Engineering mindset while supporting the advancement of critical applications that run our business.
  • We solve a range of technically complex problems on multiple projects; provide estimates and designs; write code; write, review, and approve system documentation; and provide consultative support to staff.
  • Roles include release train engineer, scrum masters, product owners, product managers, engineers, and QA—all highly collaborative, key product team roles.
  • ​​​​​​​Our engineers contribute technical expertise and add to design and development standards, design governance, and development tool selection. They also participate in the adoption of new technology, vendor packages, and software tool evaluation and introduction.
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We ensure that technology services are introduced, maintained, and continuously improved to meet business needs. Consider joining our team in one of these capacities.
  • Application Hosting Services: Manage the physical infrastructure, facilities, servers, storage, database, middleware, and supporting functions that serve as the foundation for TJX applications.
  • Solution Delivery Management Services: Provide functional and technical support for all business applications. You’ll work across multiple teams to ensure alignment on support priorities, enhance system performance, and deliver operational stability.
  • End User Services: Maintain 24/7 frontline support for all TJX end users in our stores, distribution/processing centres, and corporate offices.
  • Network Services: Oversee the voice and data communications between TJX locations and external parties.
  • Common Services: Design, implement, measure, monitor, and govern standardized infrastructure processes and IT services to deliver more effectively.
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We help achieve IT and business strategic needs by setting and executing on the vision for the overall IT organisation.
  • As part of this team, you’ll create and help execute tangible strategies and roadmaps to achieve IT organisational vision.
  • Architect and engineer highly scalable platforms for our business solutions by leveraging the latest technologies—intelligent automation, machine learning, cloud, DevOps, integration, and containers.
  • ​​​​​​​Drive business value through solution standardization, effectiveness and efficiency, and identify opportunities for innovation and design thinking to creatively solve business needs.
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Matthew’s first job out of college was here at TJX. His manager helped him grow self-awareness and develop leadership skills by putting him in charge of a project team. When you’re just starting out, TJX can provide valuable growth opportunities in an environment where you’re free to take intelligent risks and learn from your mistakes.

Matt, Security 
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In Kim's words, “Associates pride themselves on the relationships, friendships, and bonds they have formed," Kim said. "The Company fosters an environment of openness, inclusion, socialisation, and caring for its Associates.”

Kim, Security
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Jiten started his IT Security career at TJX in 2019 and is already making a difference across multiple functions, helping to ensure the integrity of TJX’s systems are maintained globally. Feeling valued and empowered by the Company’s leadership, he works with teams across the globe on new projects and challenges.

Jiten, Security
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Supporting each other every day is what makes Iqbal's team feel more like a family. At TJX, we're doing great things together, precisely because we're doing them together.


Iqbal, Solution Delivery
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Jorge always relishes the opportunity to think big and help the Company succeed. When you’re part of TJX’s global IT team, sometimes you make decisions that connect continents.

Jorge, Solution Delivery
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Taryn loves working here because “technology enables our business to plan for growth and react to change.” Our shared passions for integrity, teamwork, and developing technologies can mean growth for you. Come shape your future with us.

Taryn, Solution Delivery
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“Technology is used in so many different ways at TJX, I can’t think of one area of TJX where technology is not used as part of a business solution. Look in the Stores, DCs/PCs, Home Offices, Buying Offices, Regional Offices, etc. and you will find technology-based business solutions at the forefront of their operations."

Maryann, Infrastructure & Operations
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True to our authenticity, Mark believes that the strength of TJX is shared beliefs and common goals. To Mark, these values aren’t just talking points, they are intrinsic to every person and every day.


Mark, Infrastructure & Operations
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Rebecca is part of a global network and located far away from some of her engineering teammates, but she is able to connect with others easily to brainstorm. TJX gives you tools for communicating, so you can focus on challenging work through collaboration.


Rebecca, Infrastructure & Operations
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On the global IT team, Reshma works on key initiatives like reducing energy use and improving price management systems, all around the world. Technology is the driver of innovation here, and TJX would love for you to be a part of it.

Reshma, Architecture & Technology  
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Working in our Engineering team, Sajith gets to create global-scale innovative business solutions leveraging the latest technologies and platforms. “We have a collaborative environment that is committed to lean-agile development and a fail-forward mindset that encourages innovative ideas," Sajith said. "There are a lot of opportunities to grow and learn new things and the Company encourages employees to drive their career.”  

Sajith, Architecture & Technology
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“Senior Leadership has empowered me to make the day to day decisions to ensure my team is performing optimally," Lisa said. "Moving to Agile has also given me the ability to empower my team, allowing them to plan and to commit to work that ensures value add for TJX."  


Lisa, Architecture & Technology


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