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Your unique qualities, different perspectives, and various experiences will be warmly welcomed at TJX in Poland. Ours is a business that will challenge you to work in new ways, give you an ever-changing variety of products to work with, and value the contribution you make to the success of our business.
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Those who work at TJX in Poland will probably tell you that working here is fun, fast-paced, and friendly. Whether you're serving customers in-store, working behind the scenes, or at our processing centres in Wroclaw and Nowy Kisielin, the contribution you make to our success will be rewarded.
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Join us in our Warsaw Head Office
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The Polish Head Office team is based in Warsaw with team members also working at our processing centres in Wroclaw and Nowy Kiselin. Everyone helps keep our Polish business on the move, by supporting colleagues in our stores and processing centres to deliver a brilliant service and amazing products to our customers.

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Every TJX store in Poland needs to surprise and delight customers with outstanding service and new product ranges. Join the team on the shop floor or behind the scenes and you're assured of new challenges every day. Because you won't know what new products need selling until the delivery van arrives.

Store Associates & Team Leaders Watch our short film to learn about the online recruitment process. You can also download and print our handy step-by-step guide.


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Everyone who works at our Polish processing centres knows they are appreciated for playing a vital role in the success of our business. Joining them will give you a chance to keep our supply chain running smoothly, and the opportunity to develop an exciting and varied career with us.
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We currently have a Processing Centre in Wroclaw and a temporary site in Nowy Kisielin. This site is helping us expand our processing capacity ahead of a move to our permanent site in Sulechów. With more than 1,000 new jobs planned for this new centre, there will be plenty of new career opportunities available for you.

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Processing Centre Associate Roles Watch our short film to learn about the online recruitment process. You can also download and print our handy step-by-step guide.


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We know it's important for us to do more than just sell great products to our customers in Poland. That's why we're always mindful of the impact we have on the environment around us and the communities we're based in. We invest in and support our Associates, and play our part in local communities through partnerships, volunteering, and making charitable donations. We are committed to being energy efficient by recycling, reducing our fuel usage, adopting advanced waste management procedures, and using greener building designs.
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Your application form: Don't leave anything out

Due to our application form now being online, it will let you know which sections of the form are needed to be completed as apart of your application and will let you know if any parts have been missed, to help guide you through the process as quickly and seemlessly as possible​​​​​​​

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Your online test: Find a quiet spot and practice first

Try to do your test in a place where you won’t be disturbed and can go at your own pace. If you need reasonable adjustments, just let us know using the contact details in your test invite email. You’ll also find a link to practice tests in our FAQs section.
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Show us who you are and plan ahead

Think about any experiences you’ve had that could help us to see how well you’d do in a role with us. These don’t have to be workplace-related – you might have examples from your studies or your hobbies and interests.
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Do your research

Keep the skills we’re after in mind – do you love meeting new people? Are you happy to take on a range of tasks? It’s a good idea to browse our website and visit a store to learn more about us. After all, this is also about you selecting us!
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Ask us anything (well, anything work-related!)

Our interviews are a two-way process, so you’ll be welcome to ask us questions too. It’s a good idea to think of a few in advance. And if you don’t understand a question, or would like us to repeat any, just let us know.
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Relax and be yourself!

Our interviews are all about enabling you to show us what you can do, so we’ll do everything we can to help you feel comfortable and confident.


Got questions? Here are some answers to the ones that
​​​​​​​come up most often.

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